Welcome to POLAN company!!!

Thanks to our devotion and passion we have been the leader in the gardening branch for many years. Continuous enrichment of our offer makes each and every year exceptional and  unrepeatable. Commitment and care which we give to our seeds enable us to boast 112 vegetable varieties and 140 flower ones. We are equally proud of our seed material offer, garlic, herb seeds, grass mixture, bulbs etc. We set much store by the quality of our products and because of that we have been honoured many international as well as local awards. The Secret Garden can bloom anywhere and we have the key to it. We encourage you to familiarize with our offer or to visit one of our shops or Gardening Centres.


Create your own vegetable garden! Enjoy the exceptional taste of vegetables, grown on our seeds, that will make your diet varied and your dishes delicious.


Make your garden look more and more beautiful. Create a unique composition of colour and scent from our flower seeds. Flowers grown on them will enliven every garden!


Who said that all that is beautiful lasts shortly? Thanks to the POLAN seeds you will marvel at the effect of your work even the following year.


Plant the seed of our flowers and watch them flourish year after year. These varieties will please you and the wonderful scent will enrich every moment of your life.


Basil or rosemary can work wonders when added to your dishes. Try the seeds of those herbs now! Enrich the taste of your dishes or simply savour the stunning scent of fresh lavender or mint.


Thanks to those seeds you will fully benefit from the blessing of worm months. The look of your garden will please you each day.


You can accelerate the coming of the spring with POLAN. Plan your own garden already in the fall. These varieties will make the colour return to your flowerbeds in March.


Have you already thought of cultivating the space of your greenhouses? Think of our seeds and we guarantee that the POLAN varieties will become the pride of your collection.

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